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Ryan LytleMasterclass Student

“LogoCore is an amazing course for beginners. It is well worth your money and Kiril, one of the instructors, is available to help you out through the live chat. He is a fantastic teacher, being that he is easy to follow and makes his videos interesting to watch. I would highly recommend this course!”

Chris CorrMasterclass Student

“As someone who was frightened at the skill set that logo design posed, I was hesitant to dive into it. LogoCore made that process hassle-free and fun. Tons of skills can be learned from this class as well as stuff you never would have thought mattered but are crucial. I recommend LogoCore to anybody pursuing logo design.”

LavandinMentorship Student

“I would definitely recommend Logocore to anyone who wants to sharpen their skills in logo design! All lessons are great and suited for both beginners and advanced. The instructor is great too - clear, honest and very helpful. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single lesson with him.”

WeeseMasterclass Student

“With all the resources, insight, and advice LogoCore provides, the Master Class is well worth every dollar. There’s a sense of passion in the proctoring of the courses which make it not only informative but left a smile on my face the entire time. I would easily recommend LogoCore to anyone who’s interested in design - not only limited to branding.”

Wanichaya PGuidance Student

“I am truly thankful for the team who made this course very practical and direct on all of the important things to know, not only to make a good design but also to deliver the work to clients in a professional manner. I feel like sitting next to the master, watching his design process and absorbing real skills that help me advance in my design right away.”

YesqArtsMentorship Student

“LogoCore has taught me how to plan and execute logo designs properly. It has also taught me a lot of techniques behind the scenes that I would have never considered beforehand.”

Nicholas A. InclanGuidance Student

“Logocore have helped with technical questions and indulged in conversations about different strategy methods and nerd logo discussions. Having the instructor as a resource I can rely on when I get stuck or just being able to ask design & strategy related questions really sets Logocore apart from other courses. I highly recommend Logocore to those who need a good framework to start with.”

Jasmine HolmesMasterclass Student

“Just purchased the course and have started to look through the main part that I was interested in; the After Effects tutorials. He is an AMAZING teacher! The direction is easy to follow, the tone isn't flat or boring and the teachings are practical and interesting. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a better designer.”

Dušan MišjakMentorship Student

“LogoCore is one of the best online design courses. This course has taught me how to create professional logos, develop presentations for the client, and design a style guide for the final logo. They have video tutorials with homework, but don't worry, you will not be alone. The instructors will always help you and give you advice on how to improve. I definitely recommend this course, I've learned a lot!”