Get all of Adobe’s apps for US$15.99/mo instead of the normal $52.99/m via LogoCore’s educational discount. Start a new student subscription because you’re part of the LogoCore community, or switch to ours by creating a new Adobe account.

What if I’m already paying for Adobe?

If you’re already a paying subscriber of Adobe and want to claim our educational discount, you could start a new subscription with our student plan and then cancel your old subscription if you account supports it.

What is the discount?

LogoCore qualifies you for the educational students and teachers discount with Adobe. The current promotion if $15.99/m for the first year, $20/m for the following year.

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Choose Student & Teachers

Once you open the link below, navigate to the 'students and teachers' tab. Select 'all apps' which costs $15.99/m. You can choose between paying annually or monthly.


Enter your payment details and proceed through Adobe's checkout. Your email address has to match the address you used to signup to LogoCore. Reach out to our support if you need us to double-check your details.


Adobe will ask for an educational affiliation. You are part of the 'LogoCore' school studying 'Design, Web, Multimedia'. Your graduation date is December 2022. You should now be able to redeem the student deal and use all of Adobe's apps as a student.
Open Unique Adobe Link