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Introduction to Illustrator

User Interfaces

Illustrator basics and workflow


Techniques about basic bolean functions


Using geometrics to develop simple vectors


Using masks to avoid a destructive workflow

Vectoring Techniques

Procedural Workflows

Learning sustainable practices

Pen Tool

In-depth tutorials on vectoring

Color Theory

Understanding RGB, CMYK, Pantone

Logo Design Theory


Communicate a message on any size.


Creating tight logo silhouettes

Idea Limitations

Communicating clarity with viewers

Positive Stereotypes

Removing any misc references


Creating grids for production

Color Versatility

Proofing designs on backgrounds

Realistic Logo Design Project


Starting with minimum client information


Establishing a design strategy


Researching the project details

Production Ready

Using mathematics to finalize design decisions

Brand Style Guides

Brand Style Guides

Logo, variations, guides, and clearspace

Exporting Files for Clients

Exporting for screens and SVG

Corporate Brand Exploration

A twelve-page style guide that explores a visual identity

One Page Style Guide

A simple one-page style guide that provides excellent oversight

SkiWorld Brand Booklet

An eight page style guide for quick explorations


Planning a Presentation

Finding the critical points of the pitch

Sketching Blocks

Referencing possible presentation layouts

Kitbashing Blocks

Part 1 of creating the presentation

Producing Mockups

Part 2 of creating the presentation

Photoshop to Behance

Converting artboards to client and behance pitches

Logo Presentation

A short presentation designed with a dark theme

All Purpose Presentation

Template to showcase the logo design for the client

Social Media Presentation

An optimized PSD for Twitter or Facebook.

Minimal Presentation

A beautiful one page PSD presentation for logo proposals.

User interface mockups

A bundle of mockups for computer applications



Understanding copyright, trademarks, and registrations


Building a document to summarize the client’s project

Template Contract

A great starter document to build your agreement

Grids - Bonus Section


Overview of upcoming lessons

Golden Ratio

The origins of the golden ratio

Realistic Workflow

Developing a logo with a ratio

Grid Animation

Simple animations of a grid

Logo Animation

Introduction to After Effects

User interface and logic overview

AI to AE Script

Import complicated vectors into AE

Demo Workflow

Animating a super simple reveal


Creating animations with soft eases


Animating objects and vectors along curves


Adding stretches, scales, and smears


Advanced principle on hinting within animation

Follow Through

Poses to prepare for the main action

Typeface & Weights

Mimicking realistic weights in a logo reveal

Recommended Creative Briefs

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Parallel Sound

Sound designers producing acoustic experiences


Cordate makes dating spontaneous


A slack bot that simplifies your social channels

Gasp Architecture

Creatives with strong roots in architecture

Kiwi Scout

New Zealand company that arranges expeditions

Thirty Day Logo Challenge

Improve as a designer

Mentorship & Guidance Resources

Video Feedback

Get in-depth comments on your project

Request a Certificate

Use LogoCore as a reference for any applications

Free Resources

Pinterest Advertising

Social marketing on Pinterest with ML

Designer Tools

A curated list of recommended resources

Adobe Discount

Subscribe to Adobe’s Student Creative Cloud

Sell Logos

Add your designs to the marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do I need?


A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) and an internet connection. Our course will cover Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop. A free seven-day trial is available for each of those programs. Get the Creative Cloud All Apps plan for only US$19.99/mo with our discount offered to all LogoCore students. (Regular price is US$52.99/mo.)


How do referrals work at LogoCore?


We are honored every time our students refer us to their friends & audience. In fact, we’re so excited about those referrals that we want to reward our community brand advocates. Earn $15 for every referral!


Copy your referral link (found above) and anyone that signs through that unique URL will tagged as a student you referred to our school! Track your URL visitors from here. You’ll receive an automated email if anyone joins through your recommendation.


Why are some of the lessons locked?


There are a few project files and lessons that are only available for select courses. You can upgrade anytime by messaging LogoCore.


Will there be any assigned homework?


Each video lesson is paired with optional homework assignments. We’ll provide homework, design challenges, interactive motion assignments, and a full library of realistic client projects to help you improve your design skills.

What does the personal Mentorship include?


We treat Mentorship students as if they were designers working in our studio. Their progress is closely monitored, have on-demand access to the instructors to ask questions, and each of their designs are carefully reviewed to provide insightful feedback.


Mentorship students can request video feedback on any design. There are no limits to the amount of feedback sessions that they can request.


Feedback is limited to six months after submitting the first homework or design for critique. The course’s videos, content, homework, and downloadable files will still be available after the Mentorship period is over.


Can you share my designs to Instagram?


Yes! We love promoting our student’s work on our Instagram accounts. Please submit your logo designs here. We recommend sharing 2-3 images of the logo design that could include mockups, photography, grids, or a behind-the-scenes post.


Student work via Instagram. Submit your designs here.

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