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A video course on logo grid systems.

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Grids: Course Content

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The series will teach you the origins of mathematical principles such as Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, and Golden Rectangle. You'll understand how to build custom grid structures that can define the composition of designs and manipulate them to establish consistency. Take your process and create a fluid animation to showcase the logo's development.

LogoCore Grids Layout

Grids Intro

Watch an introduction to the upcoming course curriculum.

Video Lesson | 2:36 min

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Golden Ratio

Learn about the golden ratio and it's applicability to logo design.

Video Lesson | 21:23 min


Use the golden ratio to refine a composition.

Video Lesson | 16:59 min


Export your grids from Illustrator and animate a looping reveal.

Video Lesson | 31:32 min

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