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Course Structure

There is a huge educational gap in the design industry. We had to learn everything the hard way, but it shouldn’t be like that for you. We’ve designed a curriculum that teaches the required skills to work as a brand designer without spending a fortune on college courses. Each lesson will teach you a specific design theory, provide interactive assignments for practice, and then challenge you with realistic client projects to improve your visual problem-solving skills.

For Beginners

Scavenging through resources to find tidbits of information is wasted time that you’re not using to design. LogoCore’s curriculum was crafted to take an absolute beginner to an intermediate level for them to start accepting freelancing brand identity projects comfortably. Self-taught designers need to spend more time improving their art direction rather than lose precious time to software and workflow issues.

Join thousands of students in our best-selling course to learn logo design, presentation techniques, brand style guides, and logo animation to kickstart a career in brand design.


✅ Module 1 - Introduction

Learn at your own pace
One time payment



Introduction to the course, instructors, and Adobe's Creative Cloud.

Video Lessons | 20 mins



Extensive tutorials about Adobe Illustrator's tools and efficient workflows.

Video Lessons | 36 mins



Beginner-friendly approaches on designing vectors with geometric tools.

Video Lessons | 33 mins



Homework assignments to practice masking, lettering, and other Illustrator functions.

Avg. Completion ~30m

📐 Module 2 - Illustrator Workflows



Illustrator techniques to create designs that are mathematically accurate.

Video Lessons | 43 mins

Learn-Logo-Design-Advanced Pentool

Complex Vectors

Advanced techniques on vectoring complicated sketches with the pen tool.

Video Lessons | 53 mins


Color Theory

Color theory overview to understand RGB, CMYK, and Pantone color systems.

Video Lessons | 21 mins

Learn-Logo-Design-Color Theory


Interactive assignments to practice efficient vectoring techniques in Illustrator.

Avg. Completion ~3h

😯 Module 3 - Logo Design Theory

Logo Theory

Beginner-friendly theory on composition rules to build timeless logos.

Video Lessons | 39 mins

Advanced Theory

Intermediate logo design theory on visual communication with symbols.

Video Lessons | 33 mins


Advanced theory on producing responsive logo designs for a variety of applications.

Video Lessons | 45 mins


Practice transforming problematic logos into timeless identities.

Avg. Completion ~2h

🎨 Module 4 - Realistic Project

Learn-Logo-Design-Creative Briefs

Creative Briefs

Learn how to build a creative brief using minimal project information.

Video Lessons | 24 mins


Establish a design strategy to distill the client's goals into core brand values.

Video Lessons | 29 mins

Case Study

Watch an uncut demo of developing a design pitch from a simple creative brief.

Video Lessons | 70 mins


Choose a creative brief from LogoCore's library and research the project.

Avg. Completion ~2h

📦 Module 5 - Brand Style Guides

Creative Process

Introduction on how to test a logo's potential for real-world usage.

Video Lessons | 21 mins


Communicate the logo's limitations and intentions in a brand style guide.

Video Lessons | 86 mins


Insight on collecting files, preparing style guides, and exporting assets.

Video Lessons | 19 mins


Use the previously assigned creative brief to build a minimal style guide.

Avg. Completion ~3h

🥇 Module 6 - Design Presentations


Use storytelling techniques to showcase a logo design's full potential.

Video Lessons | 51 mins


Introduction on creating a visual identity presentation using modular elements.

Video Lessons | 50 mins

Custom Mockups

Create free product and stationary mockups to pitch a logo's potential.

Video Lessons | 79 mins


Use the previously developed logo design and create a presentation for it.

Avg. Completion ~4h

💸 Module 7 - Freelancing


Learn how copyright, trademarks, and registrations function in brand design.

Video Lessons | 15 mins



Understand how to protect your creative work with a detailed contract agreement.

Video Lessons | 25 mins

Learn-Logo-Design-Rates & Bids

Portfolio Tips

Introduction to value-based pricing and setting sustainable rates for freelancing.

Video Lessons | 20 mins



Reflect on your current business model and update your workflow on getting clients.

Avg. Completion ~30m

📽️ Module 8 - Logo Animation (Bonus Training)

After Effects

Introduction to After Effects and the commonly used animation tools.

Video Lessons | 31 mins

Learn-Logo-Design-Animation Reveals

Motion Design

A full overview of importing logo design and animating unique logo reveals.

Video Lessons | 33 mins


Principles I

Beginner principles on animating with anticipation, followup, and weight.

Video Lessons | 58 mins


Principles II

Advanced principles of timing, typefaces, and secondary action animations.

Video Lesson | 48 mins

Join 3042 students in this best-selling course.

YesqArts Profile Picture
YesqArts @yesqarts

LogoCore has taught me how to plan and execute logo designs properly. I learned many behind-the-scenes techniques that I would have never considered beforehand.

I would really like to applaud the team at LogoCore for their visual identity design course. Their curriculum on logo design, grids, and motion design really helped me sharpen my skills as a designer. The video lessons are easy to understand, and the super friendly instructor is always on standby for whatever queries one might have. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend this to anybody looking to learn logo design.

LogoCore is one of the best online design courses. This course has taught me how to create professional logos, develop presentations for the client, and design a style guide for the final logo. They have video tutorials with homework but don't worry, you will not be alone. The instructors will always help you and give you advice on how to improve. I definitely recommend this course, I've learned a lot!

Svenja Lyon Profile Picture
Svenja Lyon Svenja Lyon

In my opinion the courses at LogoCore are the best courses out there. I expected some basic Illustrator class when I first signed up but I was pleasantly surprised how detailed and informative the whole class was. Thank you so much for offering such amazing content.

LogoCore is an amazing course for beginners. It is well worth your money and Kiril, one of the instructors, is available to help you out through the live chat. He is a fantastic teacher that is easy to follow and makes his videos interesting to watch. I would highly recommend this course!

Inclan Designs Profile Picture
Nicholas A Inclan @inclandesign

LogoCore have helped with technical questions and indulged in conversations about different strategy methods and nerd logo discussions. Having the instructor as a resource I can rely on when I get stuck or just being able to ask design & strategy related questions really sets Logocore apart from other courses. I highly recommend Logocore to those who need a good framework to start with.

Chris Corr Profile Picture
Chris Corr @Chris_Studios

As someone who was frightened at the skill set that logo design posed, I was hesitant to dive into it. LogoCore made that process hassle-free and fun. Tons of skills can be learned from this class as well as stuff you never would have thought mattered but are crucial. I recommend LogoCore to anybody pursuing logo design.

Calum Finn Profile Picture
Callum Finn @callumfinndesign

I have dramatically improved since I purchased LogoCore’s Masterclass. The courses are set out in a fantastic way which makes it easy to follow and to stay engaged. The briefs are my favorite part because they give me something to work on in addition to adding more pieces to my portfolio! All in all, LogoCore is the best design purchase I have made.

LogoInspirations Logo
Jonathan Rudolph @logoinspirations

The LogoCore Masterclass is by the far the best online logo design Course for beginners and intermediate designers looking to follow their passion in logo design. I have learned tips and tricks from LogoCore to help me in my freelance career, particularly logo animation in Adobe After Effects. LogoCore makes the learning process fun and lets you follow the course at your own pace. Be good to your future self and start today!

All students get frequent homework reviews.



Our best-selling class to access the entire LogoCore library of lessons, creative briefs, and homework.

Over 13 hrs of tutorials

Lifetime Access

Adobe discount (two years)

Free Updates

Community Access

Mock Client Projects

Purchase course

Masterclass + Resources


The full course with additional access to our project files, mockups, style guides, and animation training.

Over 15 hrs of tutorials

Lifetime Access

Free Updates

Community Access

Adobe discount (3 years)

Mock Client Projects

+ Logo Animation Lessons

+ Logo Presentation Mockups

+ Style Guide Project Files

+ Marketplace Priority

+ Verified Certificate

+ LinkedIn Certificate

Purchase course

Masterclass + Mentorship


Learn identity design and receive personalized critiques on your designs from the instructors.

Over 15 hrs of tutorials

Lifetime Access

Free Updates

Adobe discount (3 years)

Community Access

Mock Client Projects

Logo Animation Lessons

Logo Presentation Mockups

Style Guide Project Files

Marketplace Priority

Verified Certificate

+ Homework Reviews

+ Private 1:1 Mentoring

+ Video calls with instructor

Enroll in Mentorship

All classes are a one-time payment for lifetime access. Prices are in USD. Upgrades are available upon request.

Learn Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to efficiently use Adobe Illustrator to design professional visual identities.

Design visual assets

Learn how to scale your identity design without losing the established visual language.

Implement a design strategy

Simplify a project into manageable assignments to explore possible art directions.

Start a career in brand design

Practice the industry standard skills that are required to be hired as a brand designer.

Animate your logo

Transfer your vector designs into Adobe After Effects to animate a looping reveal for your identity design.

Pitch with confidence

Understand how to explain your design decisions to your client by thoroughly documenting your process.

Realistic client projects

Learn the techniques of identity design and apply them to realistic client projects offered by LogoCore.

Receive feedback

Ask for personalized video responses and critiques on your designs from the instructors.

Followup Questions

What tools do I need?


A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) and an internet connection. Our course will cover Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop. A free seven-day trial is available for each of those programs. Get the Creative Cloud All Apps plan for only US$19.99/mo with our discount offered to all LogoCore students. (Regular price is US$52.99/mo.)


Can I purchase a gift card?


Yes! You can purchase a gift card through our shop!


Which course should I take?


We recommend the Masterclass for absolute beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of logo design. The video lessons provide a great introduction to learn identity design at your own pace.


The Masterclass + Resources is a great choice for artists who want access to LogoCore’s project files, mockups, and additional animation classes while studying brand design at LogoCore. In addition, students will received a verified certificate to showcase their completed training on a personal portfolio or with employers.


The Mentorship package was introduced to provide personalized feedback, art direction, and individual video replies to students who are serious about pursuing brand design. We’ve seen students improve exponentially faster when their work receives professional comments and improve from feedback that is tailored to their learning style. We only recommend this course to students who plan on completing homework assignments and actively dedicating time towards learning logo design.


Do I have instant class access?


Yes! LogoCore students can watch any video lesson, anytime, on any device, and at their own pace.


What is the Adobe student discount?


Students may qualify for Adobe’s Creative Cloud discounts for students. Learn more.


Will there be any assigned homework?


Each video lesson is paired with optional homework assignments. We’ll provide homework, design challenges, interactive motion assignments, and a full library of realistic client projects to help you improve your design skills.

How is logo design taught in this course?


We’ve spent over four years continuously refining the course to understand the most effective way to teach logo design. We’ve been working with students to understand common struggles and adjust the lessons based on their feedback. The entire curricum is designing to teach creatives the essential skills to freelance as brand identity designers.


Our priority is to equip students with the applicable theory and then introduce them to realisitic client projects. Each video lesson pushes a student to learn through a cycle of theory, homework practice, real-world design problem solving, and then repeating the process to strengthen their personal art direction.

What does the personal Mentorship include?


We treat Mentorship students as if they were designers working in our studio. Their progress is closely monitored, have on-demand access to the instructors to ask questions, and each of their designs are carefully reviewed to provide insightful feedback.


Mentorship students can request video feedback on any design. There are no limits to the amount of feedback sessions that they can request.


Feedback is limited to six months after submitting the first homework or design for critique. The course’s videos, content, homework, and downloadable files will still be available after the Mentorship period is over.


Will I receive a certificate after the course?


Students in select programs can request a certificate once they complete our curriculum and requested homework assignments. We award certificates when a student can design a functional visual identity for a minimum of three assigned creative briefs. Students that receive a certificate are promoted by LogoCore to our hiring partners.

Not ready yet? Start with a free design tutorial.

Recent student work via our Instagram.

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