There’s nothing easy about designing a logo for a difficult prompt each day. We’re proud to feature the work of Marcelo Mass who recently completed our Thirty Day Logo Challenge.

Marcelo’s designs are incredibly unique as he blends complex ideas into minimal symbols. Each logo is carefully crafted to tell a unique story without overbearing the viewer with too many ideas to capture at once. It’s been a genuine pleasure to watch Marcelo evolve his art style every day on Instagram and experiment with styles that are visually expressive of the original client.

His designs are superb, and we’re going to showcase a few below.


Freight First

Sushi Zen

Slash Films

R Visualizations

Shenzhen Bubble Tea

Scarlet VFX

Retro Prints

Vortex Analytics

Crisp Decor

Sound 360

Radnika Foundry

Ethereum Academics



Authentically Canadian




Tricks and Flips

Floral Video Games


Follow Marcelo Mass on Instagram to stay updated with his works. You can also participate in this challenge yourself!

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